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Fire Hose Unisex Belt
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Fire Hose Unisex Belt

Size: 1 5/8" wide x 44" long

Price: $45

Versatile barely begins to describe this belt. As pretty as it is practical, this must-have wide belt is made from genuine decommissioned British fire hose. Each one is unique, featuring the markings of the decommissioned hose used to create the belt. Handsome pewter slider buckle is recycled from British taps and pipes. Belt fits loops 1-1/2" and larger. May also be worn over a sweater or dress. Generous length can be cut to desired fit. Look good, do good. The artist will donate 50% of the processed from the sale of this item to the British Fire Fighters’ Charity.

Artist Bio
British designers Elvis & Kresse create classic and practical accessories from reclaimed industrial waste.

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