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Recycled Map Stationery Sampler Pack
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Recycled Map Stationery Sampler Pack

Price: $20

Our recycled stationery sampler pack contains twenty-five sheets of 8-1/2" x 11" stationery (may be used in both printers and copy machines) and 85 envelopes in assorted sizes. Each sampler consists of products from several different maps and the colors, while varied, are compatible. No two sets are exactly alike.

Write on the plain side of the stationery and affix a plain mailing label for addresses on the envelope, if the map is too dark to write on.

Artist Bio
Chris Ryan, a publisher of outdoor recreation and guide books, has a love for maps and that passion led him to an unusual side business. Walking on the campus of a local university, he saw a foot-high stack of out-of-date U.S. government topographic maps and charts being thrown out. "Something clicked," Ryan said. He rescued them and found someone to transform them into envelopes, which he used to ship his books. He was surprised, though, when clients began requesting his unique envelopes as well as his publications. The demand kept growing and he soon began manufacturing stationery and envelopes in all sizes. Now he buys up to 15 tons of outdated maps at a time to meet his market's demands.