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Holiday Ornaments and Decor

Record Label Holiday Ornaments
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Record Label Holiday Ornaments

Size: 4" diameter

Price: $18 set of three / set of three

Put a spin on your holiday decorating with our unique record label ornaments. Laser cut from vintage 45 rpm records (developed in 1949), each double-sided ornament features the original record label, classic yellow spindle adapter,and a chrome beaded chain for hanging.

As an extra perk, these ornaments are made with zero waste. After the design is cut from the record, the leftover vinyl goes to commercial plastic recyclers for reprocessing.

Ornaments come packaged in sets of three different records in a clear, recyclable box. Sorry, we cannot take requests for artist, title, or genre.

Artist Bio
Jeff Davis, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, designs furniture, museum installations and stage sets, and provides new uses for unplayable records and other found objects.

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