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Raven on Heart Found Art Sculpture
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Raven on Heart Found Art Sculpture

Size: 9" wide x 13" high x 4" deep

Materials: Reclaimed maple scraps, reclaimed poplar scraps and a vintage key

Price: Was $190 , Now $120

Temporarily out of stock

Mark Orr's Raven on Heart sculpture is handcarved from reclaimed maple and poplar scraps and adorned with a vintage key that symbolically unlocks the cherry-red heart on which the bird balances and reminds the beholder of what matters most in life. Each piece of Orr's found art is painted, sanded, stained and finished by hand. The result is a whimsical heirloom-in-the-making.

Artist Bio
Sculptor Mark Orr is a self-taught woodworker who lives on a six-acre homestead consisting of wetlands, woodlands, and a pond. His raven sculptures, inspired by Native American legend, combine found collectibles with natural and reclaimed wood to symbolize the ancient bird's status as a courier between spiritual and physical realities.