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Typewriter Key Bracelets
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Typewriter Key Bracelets
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Typewriter Key Bracelet on wrist
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Typewriter Key Bracelets

10 Keys (6-3/4" long)
11 Keys (7-1/4" long)

Price: $90

Please note: Black 10-key bracelet and Black and White 11-key temporarily out of stock

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Never mind diamonds, the new trend is "Typewriter Keys are Forever." Our collection consists of authentic vintage keys -- random letters, expressions and symbols -- set in silver tone metal alloy findings either 6-3/4" long or 7-1/2" long. Practical matter: While our bracelets are sturdy, they are not waterproof; please do not wear them when you wash the dishes or go surfing. But do wear them everywhere else.

Artist Bio
Although manual typewriters are retired from daily use, they are not forgotten. Imaginative designers are incorporating keys from vintage typewriters and transforming them into a variety of jewelry for men and women. Because the keys are antiques, they will vary in condition, type style and text layout - for example, the light keys will vary in color from white to various shades of cream. The selection of keys is always different depending on the availability of keys. A perfect gift for the writer, editor, librarian or retrophile in your life.

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