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Sweater Critters

Sweater Critters Pig

These imaginative handmade stuffed critters bring a smile to every child's face, no matter what their age. Made from clean recycled wool sweaters and stuffed with shredded recycled polyester, each of our piglets, ducklings, penguins and elephants are handmade by the Pear Tree Studio and may be gently handwashed. Because they are made from unique, reused materials, each animal is one of a kind. Whether for decorating or for the toy box, they make a great addition to the family.

Artist Bio
Pear Tree Studios is a sunny workshop in a New Hampshire barn which is shared by several artists.

Sweater Critters Pig
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Size: 9-1/2" long x 6" wide

Price: $21/each

Each pig is a different shade of pink -- no two are alike. The ears are lined with cotton jersey; the eyes are embroidered; the tail is stitched into the back.

Our cuddly pigs come in all shades of pink.