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Silver Bells Wreath

Artist Alice Lund has a knack for transforming aluminum cans into elegant Christmas wreaths, ornaments, stars, flowers and beads, all bearing little resemblance to the containers that originally brought us food and drinks. She has compiled illustrations and directions for making these designs on her website: www.aluminouspublishing.com. Some are available free of charge while most may be downloaded, as single projects or collected in books, for a fee. Several of her Christmas decorations were recently featured on HGTV. She has given us permission to reproduce instructions for her holiday wreath.

Silver Bells Wreath created from Aluminum Cans Silver Bells Wreath

  • 8 aluminum cans
  • Cereal box
  • 2 jingle bells
  • 2 feet of ribbon
  • 2 nuts and bolts
  • Pull-tab from can
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Stapler
  • Ice pick
  • Hole punch
  • Fishing line

Poke a hole in the neck of each can and remove the top. Keep one of the pull-tabs. Sand two of the aluminum cans to remove the paint. Wrap the measuring tape around the can. Divide the can into eight sections approximately 1" apart. Cut the sections apart creating eight spokes. Punch a hole in the end of each spoke. Trim the aluminum so each spoke tapers from 1/2" at the end to 1" in the center. Poke two small holes in the bottom of each can. Tie a jingle bell to the bottom of each can.

To shape the bell lap the spokes on the bolt in this manner: first, fifth, second, sixth, fourth, eighth, third, and seventh. Cut the ribbon in half. Poke a hole in the center of one strip of ribbon. Place the ribbon on the bolt. Screw on the nut. Shape the bell by slightly pressing the spokes at the base of the can. Press the second, fourth, sixth and eighth spoke then first, third, fifth and seventh. Make two bells.

Cut the remaining 6 cans down the side and across the bottom creating 6 aluminum sheets 4" x 8". Cut each sheet into four sections creating 24 sheets 2" x 4". Cut each sheet into a leaf by tapering the ends into a point. ( "Crafting Aluminum Art" contains a pattern for the leaf.) Clip small notches along the edge of the leaves approximately 3/4" apart. Wrinkle the leaves to give them shape by slightly folding each leaf down the center then slightly fold the leaf from the notch to the center.

Cut a 10" diameter circle from the cereal box. Cut a 7 1/2" circle in the center of the first circle. This is the base for the wreath. Poke two holes in the cardboard and two holes in the pull-tab. Lace the pull-tab to the cardboard using the fishing line. Loop the ribbon on the bells through the pull-tab hanging one bell one or two inches lower than the other. Staple to secure. Staple the leaves in pairs then staple the leaves to the wreath base.

© copyright 2002 Aluminous Publishing

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